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Remote Learning

Google Classroom Webinar for Parents/Guardians


Sligo Family Resource Centre, Sligo Education Centre & Carrick on Shannon Education Centre are hosting Webinars for Parents/Guardians on Remote Learning Tools. 


As you are aware our school uses Google Classroom. Below are the details for the webinar for anyone interested.


Title: Google Classroom for Parents/Guardians

Date: Monday 8th February

Time: 8pm-9pm

Tutors: Adrian Keena and Kevin Keena


Registration is now open at


Zoom Call Details

Dear Parents,


Teachers will be hosting weekly Zoom meetings for their class, one for each class, during remote learning. This will be an opportunity for the pupils to see each other and engage in class discussions.


It is still relatively new territory for all of us so we are reminding all families of the ground rules to keep the meeting enjoyable and safe for all.


Behaviour needs to be appropriate for all eyes and ears present so with that in mind:


  • Parents should stay close by for the duration of the call

  • Make sure children are on time

  • Everyone present is to be fully dressed

  • We want to hear every child's voice, as we would in school, so we intend to mute everybody and to give each child an opportunity to share their input

  • The meeting will last roughly 30-40 minutes

  • Due to GDPR, nobody has permission to record or take photos/screenshots during the call

  • Please note this session is not compulsory but it is recommended, we understand not everyone can join



By agreeing to click on the acceptance to join, you are giving your agreement to the above rules.   



Kind regards,


The Teachers of The Old Borough N.S.