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The Old Borough School

School Logo


The school is sponsored by the Church of Ireland, the Archbishop of Dublin and Glendalough being its patron, and as such will reflect the general ethos of all Church of Ireland schools.


1. The Church of Ireland Primary school is part of the local community and has a strong link with the Parish. The Rector visits on a weekly basis.


2. Religious Education occupies a central position in the school curriculum and is regarded as a core subject. The teaching of church doctrine is never dogmatic and respects the sincere beliefs and teaching of other Christian churches and other faiths.


3. The school is a community where moral values such as honesty, truthfulness, fairness, sensitivity to others, self-respect, self-discipline and civic responsibility along with the need to recognize right and wrong behaviour are nurtured and protected.  The understanding of these qualities is based on the Holy Scriptures and teachings of the Church, and reinforced by daily prayers.


4. All pupils are equally valued and respected, irrespective of sex, social background, family circumstances, educational ability or physical characteristics.  Pupils experience a sense of caring and belonging, they are treated fairly and their spiritual, moral and religious development is encouraged along with their intellectual, social and academic development.  The work of the school is conducted in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect for differences.


5. The Church of Ireland School encourages pupils to develop their thinking processes and to establish loving relationships with themselves, with others, with their environment and with their Creator.  This will occur in all aspects of school life, both within and outside the classroom.


6. The school community includes the children, parents/guardian, teachers and management. The constructive support and interest of parents/guardians is encouraged and welcomed.