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This is a fantastic site that has lots of digital aids and activities to practice your Gaeilge.


Click here to access the website. 



Na Téarmaí Gramadaí - Rang Gaeilge

Ahhh... A nice simple introduction to the whats what of Irish grammar terminology. There's an awful lot of technical lingo in the Irish language, a lot of which don't really translate into English at all so be sure to pay attention to all those new words!
Just a heads up! In this video we will go through the various lingo of Gaeilge. We're gonna start you off nice and easy!

An Aimsir Láithreach - Rang Gaeilge

Bada-Bing Bada-Boom! Past, Present, Future we got the whole lot of 'em!​ These guys really really do have to just be learned off by heart so an advanced sorry is in order. In this one we'll fly through the here and now of the present tense!

An Aimsir Chaite - Rang Gaeilge

In this one we will fly through what has happened in the past - the past tense.

An Aimsir Fháistineach - Rang Gaeilge

In this one we'll fly through all that is yet to happen! You guessed it! It's the future!

Cúla 4 agus TG4

Click here to access Cúla 4 where you can watch shows and videos in Irish. 


Click here for Irish lessons.


Click here for Cúla 4 YouTube channel. 


TG4 also has TV shows in Irish.