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Chess Opening TRICK to Win Fast: Fried Liver Attack: Secret Chess Moves, Ideas, Strategy & Traps

In this video, I share with you an amazing chess opening trick to win fast. It is a combination of secret chess moves, ideas, tips, strategy & traps to fool ...

How to Achieve Checkmate in 2 Moves | Chess

Chess Checkmate in 2 moves! If you want to learn new chess tricks and chess strategy, you came to the right place! When it comes to chess openings, the fools...

05a - How to Castle | Chess

Uploaded by Coach Dat on 2016-04-20.

What Is Pawn Promotion? | Chess

Feeling like a Pawn? Learn how to play like a King: Logical Chess: Move By Move: Every Move Explained: My 60 Memorable Games Paperback: Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess Mass Market: Complete Book of Chess Strategy: Grandmaster Techniques from A to Z: Watch more How to Play Chess videos: Okay, hi, I'm David Sullivan from Chess NYC.

Scholar's Mate: How to Avoid It

Scholar's mate, otherwise known as the "Four-Move Checkmate," is a trick play you will see from time to time...but the truth is that it's not strong at all. If someone tries this on you, and you know how to handle it, you'll come out on top.