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5th and 6th Class

Cycle Right

5th and 6th class are engaging in Cycle Right training this year led by Eoin and Amanda from Doctor Bike. The aim of this programme is to provides practical cycle safety and skills training to promote competent and confident cyclists. Have a look below to see how we are getting on.

Healthy eating and food pyramids

Jackson Pollock 


You know it's a good art lesson when someone comes up to you and says "That is hands down the best art lesson we've had to date".

Jackson Pollock inspired art was so fun. Some did collaborative work, others did it on their own. Didn't they turn out fantastic ๐Ÿ˜

Spring Collages ๐ŸŒธ

Christmas Activities

We have been very busy this December doing all things Christmas. Have a look below to see what we've been up to.

Christmas Jumper and Panto Day

Adding the angel, winter walk and Pointillism Robin's

Christmas Baking

Procedural Writing in practice

WW1 Poppies to Remember

Science Week Takeover 

We did lots of Science last week for Science Week. As a class we exploded lunch bags with vinegar and baking powder. We also had a pod challenge of seeing how many people could stand on a upturned table without bursting the balloons underneath.

Then we had some short lessons delivered by some of the class. These included:

  • Blow up a balloon with vinegar and baking powder
  • Colour changing drinks
  • Pepper germs
  • Coke and mentos challenge
  • Ketchup and baking powder challenge
  • Pepper and balloon challenge
  • Making oobleck

Have a look at some photos and videos below.


Explode a lunch bag

Still image for this video

Explode a lunch bag

Still image for this video

Walking on air challenge

Still image for this video

Walking on air challenge

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Pepper germs

Still image for this video

November's Wellness Wednesday Activity 

For this months Wellness Wednesday activity we made some Positivity Rocks. 

First we painted our rocks beautiful, vibrant colours so they would stand out, some even had pictures on them. Next we added some positive quotes and finally we walked around Swords placing them in random places near the school, in the park and on the main street.

Our spread some positivity and to hopefully put a smile on someone's face, and yours when you have a look at the pictures below ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Getting Creative!

Some of the 6ths decided to make a mini pool table today and I just think it's fantastic. What creativity...and it kept them entertained during break. Well done guys! Proud teacher over here!

Active Learning

5th and 6th have settled in great over the last 2 months with lots of fun, laughs and learning going on. Have a look below to see some of our group work activities in maths and Gaeilge. 

Finished Chromatography Pieces

5th and 6th are getting ready for Halloween

We are busy getting ready for Halloween. Last week we made pinch pot pumpkins and today we painted them all, don't they look great.

We also started our next art project. We explored Chromatography which is a method of separating mixtures. Inks and markers are often combinations of several coloured dyes dissolved in a solvent (liquid). Chromatography separates out the colours so we can find out which ones are present in ink or dye. Have a look at ours below. We will use them next week to create spooky Halloween pictures. 

Maps of Ireland


Minibeast Hunt

On Friday we went out on a minibeast hunt in small groups to see what we could find. We used pooters to catch them...don't worry we put them all back in their natural habitat after we examined and identified them. There was a lot of excitement and squeals at some our finds. Have a look at the photos below to see us in action. 

Graffiti Names

All About Me T-shirts

Meet Our 5th and 6th Class

We have been settling back into school very well. This week we made some Positive Affirmation fortune tellers to challenge any negative or unhelpful thoughts we may have. Have a look at some of our creations. 

Ms. McCarthy's Email

Hi current 5th/6th class parents. This is a contact form to email me directly regarding any 5th/6th class matters e.g. child's appointments, absences, homework notes etc.