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The Old Borough School

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5th and 6th Class

Teach The Teacher!

Capacity lesson and jug races!

Practicing our conversational Gaeilge in the sun today!

Easter egg hunt and some artwork

Halloween Festivities 🎃 

The class had some great fun in the lead up to Halloween. They did some persuasive writing trying to sell haunted houses, wrote spooky stories and recited them using torches, made sugar skulls, Tim Burton inspired portraits and candy apples and finished off with a Halloween movie and a party. 

Active maths lessons

Team work STEM Challenges

For the first STEM challenge, the class had to build a cup tower. But there was a twist, they weren't able to touch the cups with their hands, instead they had to use elastics, which required a lot of team work and communication. Every team successfully built their tower. 

Other challenges they did were making the longest paper chain using just 1 A4 page, making a model of a lunch to investigate breathing and their latest one was to make a catapult. 

Ms. McCarthy's Email

Hi current 5th/6th class parents. This is a contact form to email me directly regarding any 5th/6th class matters e.g. child's appointments, absences, homework notes etc.