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Wellness Wednesdays

This year we are introducing Wellness Wednesdays. 


Our mental health and wellbeing are hugely important. Wellbeing is feeling good about ourselves, the world around us and functioning well in everyday life. Being resilient and coping with the normal stresses of life is also an important part of wellbeing, even more so this year. 


And so, to promote this, on the first Wednesday of every month the children will engage in activities to help maintain and improve their wellbeing. They will also have a night off homework to give them time to engage in activities at home/outside that they love and activities that make them happy. We want this to become a part of The Old Borough NS and a day that the children look forward to, so we have lots of activities in store for them.

Keep your eyes on the website for photos of what they get up to. 


"The best thing you will ever do, is Believe in yourself".