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The Old Borough School

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Collection of Books Friday 8.30 - 2.10

Dear Parents,

As the Minister for Education and Skills announced yesterday that schools would not be reopening on Monday next, the staff has decided to put new arrangements in place to help with home schooling.

Each teacher will email a weekly plan of work on Monday mornings. It will support the work children would normally be learning in school so that our pupils do not lose out on their education. By using more of their school books we hope to reduce the amount of printing needed and lessen the pressure on devices/computers.

To facilitate a more organised learning environment at home, the school will be open on Friday between 8.30 and 2.30 for parents to collect remaining school books.

Please enter the relevant classroom directly from the school yard. To preserve physical distancing, we ask that only two parents are in a classroom at one time. All children’s’ books are to be found at their desk. If you cannot come to the school, you can designate another parent to collect. Please bring a bag with you for ease of carrying. It would also be a good idea to check the corridor in case your child has left behind a coat/hat/scarf/gloves.

This is a very trying time for all concerned but we will get through this. All we can do is our best.

Wishing you good health,

Anne-Marie Woods and staff