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Healthy Eating Policy

Aim: to help children, staff and parents in developing positive and responsible attitudes to eating and to appreciate the contribution that good food makes to health.





The Healthy Lunch Food Pyramid


Sweets 0

Meat, Fish, Alternatives 1

Dairy Produce 1*

Fruit and Vegetables 1+

Bread, Cereals, Rice, Pasta 2






What is a Portion?

1. Bread: I slice of bread (any kind), 1 medium bread roll, 1 small scone, 2 small crackers, 2  tablespoons of pasta or rice, pitta, wraps, bagels, quiche, small serving of plain popcorn.


2. Fruit/Vegetables: 1 large apple, 2 kiwis, 2 satsumas, 100ml unsweetened fruit juice, ½ tin of fruit in own juice, 2 tablespoons of vegetables, 1 small salad.


3. Dairy:   mini carton of milk, 125ml carton of yoghurt, 2 processed cheese slices.


4. Meat etc.: 2 slices of cooked meat or chicken, matchbox size portion of cheese, 2 hard boiled eggs.


Drinks: Water, milk and unsweetened juice are healthy choices, fizzy drinks are not. Drinks to be brought to school in cartons/plastic bottles. Tap water is available in all classrooms.


Snacks for small break: plain popcorn, flapjacks, yoghurt, fromage frais, and crackers.


Friday is “Treat Day”: children may include one piece of food from the top shelf of the food pyramid.


Promoting Healthy Eating


• Each class will receive a minimum of two lessons on healthy eating

• Over the course of one week each term there will be a focus on the foods from one of the shelves of the food pyramid.

• Teachers will provide positive modelling and supportive attitudes to encourage healthy eating.


           This policy will be reviewed every two years for re-certification by the HSE.

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