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National School, Swords

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Attendance Policy



If absent from school, a written note from parents/guardians must be brought in on the day of return.   Longer absences should be notified to the school.  Under the Education Act, the B.O.M must notify the National Educational Welfare Board if a child is absent from school for twenty days or is missing too much school.


As far as is practicable, no medical appointments should be made during school time, unless it relates to an on-going condition of which the school has been informed.


If a child has to leave school early, or be absent for part of the day, a signing - out form must be completed by the child’s parent/guardian. Regular withdrawals may be calculated into the child’s attendance record.



Late Arrivals


In the event that your child will arrive late for school, please telephone the office so that the teacher can be informed. If your child arrives after 8.50 a.m. you must accompany your child to the external door of the classroom and sign a form explaining the reason for their late arrival. Please note that regular lateness may be calculated into your child’s attendance record.



Infectious Illness


Any infectious illness should be notified to the school without delay.  The school should be notified about any other health-related problem including head lice and threadworms.  Parents are reminded of the rules regarding infectious diseases and must produce a letter from their doctor to say it is safe for the child to return to school.

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